10:27 AM

Why we love the Berlin Mall

Two weeks here, two visits to the legendary Berlin Mall flea market in Jersey.

First of all, you can eat clams and I love clams. Just don't mix them with any of that diet Pepsi shit. Unless you want to feel like you've been punched in the stomach for the rest of the afternoon that is.Also, a big reason I love to eat clams is because I love to get served by this guy. This photo really doesn't do him justice. Plus afterwards you can go shop and find all of this useful stuff.

Such as a lamp pretending to be an authentic nautical artefact.
Or a book for your Mum's birthday
Unless she'd rather get down in the sand with Tone.
Or, you could go all out and get yourself a nice new pair of dentures for fifty cents. Go on. You know you want to.


The SE Group said...

finally johnny come or janey come lately to the blog scene - so this swagger you speak of so well, i love men in uniforms, this is boogie bear for the QUICK check in and im out - go SAIGON