10:11 PM

My Local Dealer

Once upon a time, I used to come from a land far, far away called T*smania. In some parts of Australia you wouldn't say this word in polite company, but the rest of the people I meet think it's somewhere in Africa and wonder why I'm so goddamn white. Anyways, part of the reason I am alive to write this today is because of a special guy called Broden who opened Tasmania's only real sneaker store (I mean Footlocker doesn't count, does it? Or does it...) Grip Footwear opened in 2007 and thanks to Broden's connects (including making Quickstrike in under two years of opening) I was duly stocked in special footwear, unlike some dealers who leave you curled up and shivering in a dry little ball, chewing on old shoelaces to try and get your fix.

He has a rad site where you can buy stuff, which is even more awesome when it's in nice, worthless Australian dollars and he knows how to put on a sale. Check it all out here, and wonder why his photos look so familiar (answer: because sneakernews stops by regularly to help themselves and repost them on their blog!!!!!!!)