12:14 PM

Hi Miss Saigon, You KickAss Chick You,

Chris n' Andy here from www.chicksinkicks.com/about/

We are reaching out to you guys/girls as we recently looked over your site and want to know if you are interested in doing some cross-promotion with us...

This November we will be releasing our first T-Shirt designs and would like some help promoting and selling them.

Of course we don't expect you to do this for free so we offer a higher than normal affiliate commission for those who help us out.

First we would like to do a simple banner and link exchange with those who reply back promptly as we have limited spots available.

Secondly we have pre-written a "sponsored post" (see Attached .txt file) and would really appreciate it if you could publish this or write up a similar one to help us promote our survey.

If you do this we will make a 300 word write-up about your site in our review category under the lifestyle section that your site falls under.

Working together will mutually benefit us by improving our search rankings and increasing our traffic over time.

If you're interested please reply to this message with your banner attached, desired anchor text for the link back to your site and of course a link showing us where you published our back link.

(Please use the following or similar anchor text "Chicks In Kicks - Kick-Ass Women Reppin' Active LifeStyles")

If you would like us to do the 300 word write-up then please publish(just cut/paste) our attached post or make one similar and reply with the link to that post.

Thanks for your time,

Chris n' Andy