9:22 AM

Settlin' down...

YEeeah YOOoooo, just received our very own copy of SneakerFreaker Mag,# 16 Issue.... AWESOME!!!Features a great article, "Girls got Kicks" About Lori Lobenstine, from www.femalesneakerfiend.com... An awesome site for chicks by chicks, Which also was one of the first sneaker fiend site to show LOVE to S.C... So for that, forever we're are humbled and gratful!!! Also another great article, Paul Litchfield,"the Architect"... A pioneer in his own right... Teeheehee He speaks on when his department at Reebok, was a three people team... Three!!!! yeah the magic number!... We're always on a three pepole rotation here at S.C! Back to th eMag, Luve it, although made me wonder when we, S.C will get our own feature in the editorial?... ;o). AS some of you may know we've been featured on their site... If you didn't go check it out....http://www.sneakerfreaker.com/articles/Miss-Saigon-Customs-Interview/...

Anyhoo, still settling down from my trip to Paris.... At least trying. here is something to be shared,.... For the first time in my life, and many other Parisians' lifetime, I saw Notre Dame, CLEAN... Whooooaaa.... & funny enough, it looked weird to me... As though they had just peeled her of her coat of 100 of years history.... Now ... Notre Dame just looks like St Paul Cathedral, on 5th Avenue... Weird...

Voila... Enough of Paris... Err... I had the honor to do a pair for Mr. Jamie Fox,... Oh Yeeeah....

Felicia Morris aka the Poetess from the FOXX HOLE (Jamie foxx's sirius satelite radio show) hooked us up with tix to the Jamie Foxx show at the Tower theater in Philadelphia.

6:06 PM

S.C girls application.To be cpy & paste, sent back to saigoncustoms@gmail.com

Ladies please be honest, be as detailed as possible, take it light!

Do you have a boyfriend, and if so would he mind you handling our Stallions?

Can you play any of the following games?:

a) Scrabble.

Your definition of "Stallion" is:

a) A dummy.
b) A strong beautiful male, there to pamper you ;o)?
c) A horse.

Can you handle being well treated and served by the Stallions, without getting big headed?

Your idea of hotness in a guy is:

a) His sense of humor.
b)His charisma.
c)His wallet.
d)His phallus.
e)All of the above.
F)None of the above

When surrounded by strong, beautiful, fierce, sisters you:

a)Stay by yourself and wish you were home so you could suck on your thumb?
b)Start acting crazy, trying to grab the most attention?
C)Look around, start counting others' physical flaws, forgetting your own?
d)Silently congratulate yourself for being part of such fly ass crew of hot chicks?

Why would be a good addition to the S.C crew?

a) You're superficial& vain?
b)You would smack someone silly for being superficial & vain?
c) you ROCK , you know it, & we need you to REP S.C the right way.
d) dunno.

What special skills would you be bringing to this crew? And what ambitions do you have with these skills?

Name three qualities about yourself that could make you indispensable to the S.C crew.


Please sign, and return to saigoncustoms@gmail.com

10:12 AM


YEAHHHHHH! Saigon Customs is back in effect.... I, Miss Saigon, have just return from my hometown of Paris!!!!! ... Yet I am deeply saddened to announce to you guys the impromptu departure of my most beloved first apprentice, Miss Erika.
Erika left us to go back to Tassie, to be closer to family members, elders she wanted to enjoy some moments with before it may be too late... And for that we support her!!!!! Also we want ot give her big shout out for contributing to this blog and makin' it awesomely entertaining... FIRST APPRENTICE, you will be missed.

Now... How was Paris?... There are no words awesome enough to describe how it felt to come home after so long.

However I can tell you all about the Stallions hunting experience in the land of Baguettes and croissant... What an adventure!...

But first things first... We have been auditioning Stallions left and right, and so far the stable is growing fast and steady... So... Now it's time to get our our Saigon Girls Crew up to part...
So we will have the same process as the guys to apply to become a Saigon Girl... You Gals should copy and paste the application you will find below, and e-mail it to us. Upon acceptance, you will be required to sit down and have a fun interview for us to post on the blog, as well as some picts.

To apply , one must: be an excellent rider, of course, Stallions need to be handled by experienced riders!... You must possess a skill at which you excel, must be down to earth and deal with life in light hearted way... You must be able to put aside your ego and attitudes which may not be conducive to the crew... You must be energetic, fun, confident and self assured. Stallions can be a handful at times, and we are seeking girls that will stay gracious no matter what the pressure! ;o)

Please see the application following this post, have fun with it... And hope to see you in our inbox soon!