8:34 AM


This weekend was probably the craziest of my life, since the day after the ISB we had a Saigon Customs photo shoot. Even though we'd had no sleep for a week and all we really wanted to do was rest after the ISB, the photo shoot was simply a-ma-zing and so much fun. We had the dopest team of people grace us with their talent, personality and creativity and we are SO lucky to know all of you.
Big ups to our manager Cedra who showed she can pull this shit together like nobody's business (also I had no idea she had America's next top model living inside of her, foxy shot no?)
Cedra found our cameraman, Marlon Lawe, in New York. He's currently working on a movie that's sure to blow up called "Night at the Opera", make sure you check that shit out when it releases, although everybody's going to be talking about it so you'll probably go anyway. We were blown away by his patience and dedication, plus it was like 90+ degrees (32+ for you guys in Aus) and he was moving stuff around non stop and work, work, working and never complained. What a legend! It doesn't hurt to be that cute either.

Considering I am not a big girly girl and don't spend a lot of time fussing with hair and makeup, it was amazing as well as a bit inspiring to go all out and get my hair and makeup done like this. It was made easier considering I was taken such good care of by Jamez (anbreasbeautysalon.com) and Kondor (maneleekinky.com). They put us all in fly "Cosmopolitan-Asian" themed hairstyles and going red for the day was a lot of fun. I thought everybody looked incredible.

Aretha is a fairy godmother makeup artist as in, you feel like you could sit back and have her magic all your problems away with a wave of her mascara wand. Thanks for the exotic looks and the inspiration Aretha! x

Phelena is like our new honorary Saigon Girl because she's just straight up dope. She's also a wonderful stylist who never stopped pulling surprises out of her bag of tricks. She dressed ALL of us that day. PRRR-OPS!!!! We love u Phelena Jean! Here is the amazing Curtis, he is such a stallion albeit a backstage one. Trust me, you need a stallion like Curtis. All these cute candid shots you see here are taken by him...

And last... BUT MOST DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, thank you to our noble stallions that lent their hot bods to our sneakers and their solidarity and excellent company to Saigon Customs. Saigon Girls got your backs!

Miss Saigon in her element among the stallions...

Our most excellent stallion Chris "P"

Saga could teach me a thing or two about swagger, for sure...
We have hot interns, say hi to Christina...

And the result? You wanted it....

Look out for the feature on sneakerfreaker.com, next week bitches!!!

12:27 AM

We went to Battle this last weekend...

... and won!  A huge "thankyou" to the judges that chose us Best Custom Sneaker for the second year running, including our gracious host Suraj and celebrity DJ, mister DJ Clark Kent.
That's them, picking the winning custom, the Billy Holidays...

Preparations for us were big this year since we made this huge, tricked-out display. 

On the drive there we look all composed and shit but...

This was us the night before...

We also met some amazing people. Such as super cute married sneaker duo Tyler and Twiggy.
These are some sneaker fiends if ever I met any. She says when they met dude only had three pairs of shoes and he says they were all skate shoes too.

Oh my how things have changed. Twiggy has every pair of heat that I've ever wanted and Tyler also has a collection to die for. He's real cool about it too 'cos he's not greedy or precious: he told me he's going to be selling a lot of these after the show, starting on ebay at 99 cents "and they'll go for whatever they go for". Find that ebay account!

I also fell in love with the brand 8and9. Their shit is illll!!!! And the team were all super nice. Saigon Girls love you guys!

Also, did I mention how many fine dudes there were walking around that show? 

Like Oscar from Mumz 

Ace from Make It Clap

and DJ Fever from Philly 

The line to get in was so long that they even started locking people out who already had entrance. Hence why I was left screaming like a dickhead on my own when they announced us best Custom Sneaker while Miss Saigon was stuck outside arguing with the bouncers. NICE WORK FELLAS. Luckily she got back in time to get on stage and accept her award from the most awesome Angie Martinez who was wearing Fafi adicolors. <3>

We were next-booth neighbours with the beautiful FlyKIckz from NYC. Females representin'!!! 

Miss Saigon and Wale...

Arriving victorious back to Philly we were touched to be welcomed home with fireworks. Maybe it's just because it says "Hooters" in the photo but this one kind of looked like something else to us.

Oh yeah. And I finally got a word-for-word explanation.