12:44 AM

An apple a day will get you laid.

For a while now, I've had this theory that guys really, really dig girls that walk down the street eating apples. You could try it some time: step out your front door with a crispy green Granny Smith and bask in the admiring looks you get on the way to the bus stop. 

You know how turned off guys are by girls that push everything around on their plate and eat nothing? At the same time a lot of them have told me that it's a major turn on to see a chick that likes her food –although my guess is that you are only allowed to "like your food" if you are a size 8 and under, which is when their expectations get kinda difficult to meet. 

Difficult, that is, until you are tucking into something delicious, healthy, easy to eat: like an apple. See, guys like to see you eat, but when they see you enjoying something that is GOOD for you, there is a good chance you will get followed on your way to the bus stop. Just saying.
My friend was all like, "you can do it with any fruit" but I would have to say no. For one, you are not going to want the sort of attention you get walking down the street eating a banana. Mandarins I could imagine being very sexy but you have nowhere to discard the peel (unless you want to look like a litterbug), peaches are just too messy, apricots don't take long enough to eat unless you take a bag of them, the same goes for grapes, and that just ruins the effect. 
No, apples it is. 
The girl you see in this picture eating the apple, she's the one I originally told the theory to and she reckons just a few weeks later one of the cutest guys we know told her he "really, really likes girls eating apples" and that he always makes an effort to talk to them on campus. 
So you see. The Saigon Girl has spoken.