9:06 AM


Since we are from Philadelphia, the town of Rocky and the original Italian Stallion, you know we can really appreciate the eighties montage. You know how in the eighties, any movie where the hero has some big thing coming up - usually some sort of dance or fight competition - at first it's like all is lost and crap and there's no way he's going to be ready in time.... then all of a sudden the montage Gods start a track from the sky and the hero goes into three minutes of really intense prep time, where he's training nonstop, getting better and better and pushing himself past the point of exhaustion. And after three minutes of power music the hero is ready. Well, that's us right now, in preparation for the ISB. We are working so hard I can hear the Eye of the Tiger in my head, only it's on repeat because this shit sure as hell takes a lot longer than three minutes. I'm going to battle for Best Display since as lowly First Apprentice I still have to work my way up to the sneaks. Last time I even picked one up to look at it I got demoted back to fetching well water and I HATE That job. 

I've stupidly decided to draw the entire display. My right arm is soooo sore. Maybe a day of well duty would actually be time out compared to this stuff. I'm so dead right now.