12:02 AM

Introducing: Runaway Bboy: Mr Saigon June

This month, June, the stallion to bet on is RUNAWAY BBOY, breeding name Ron "Zen One" Wood. He is modelling Miss Saigon's "Day of the Dead" AF1's, available at a stable near you.

Full name?

Ron "Zen One" Wood

Age? 39


Shit, what to say? Martial arts instructor, professional dancer, choreographer, fitness trainer

How do you know Miss Saigon?

I was a pasttime.

But we travel in the same circles.

Any anecdotes?

We got into a fight, trying to flip each other, Miss Saigon tried to flip me, smack me and hit me. I don't know why, she knows I'm a martial arts instructor. It's just a challenge to her. I guess she thought "fuck it, I'm going to thow caution to the wind" 'cos she thinks "he's not really going to hit me, he's a nice guy".

What do you think it was that gave you the winning edge in your Stallion Stable selection? What are the best attributes you bring?

I listen to women when i'm having sex with them. Many guys forget that, everyone is different so you've got to listen so that you can unlock the safe. Joking. Oh yeah, and positivity. I try to surround myself with positivity so that I exude positivity.

When you're dating Zen he's a great workout - Miss Saigon

Where can we find you grazing in Philly?

Definitely find me at the Sundae party. If not there, training. At the Karate studio or the CEC practicing fighting, either getting my ass beat or beating somebody's ass.

Favourite food?


What's yoru strengths around the house?

I'm anal. I can be a neat freak.

This is in fact true: we did not even ask for this photo - E

You have cocktail specials?

Honestly no. And I went to bartending school. But I don't really drink that much anymore. But I can pour a mean saki.

You're not a fan of PDAs or so I heard.

Yes I am.... I don't mind head in the car.

Are you any good at Scrabble?

I'm better at Eyespy. I'm a good listener. Sometimes.

Any last words.

*what happened next cannot be published here.*

So you see, Stallions just know what to do, they don't have to be told. ^^