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Packing Light

We leave for Paris today. I'm packing light but there's some essentials I just can't forget. 

"Le Fouet"

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SC goes to NY

You know, it's still a huge deal for me to be all like "Oh yeah, I'm going to New York for a photoshoot in the morning" - seriously! I hope I never get all jaded and spoiled by my amazing life here and stop appreciating the fact that I am 1.5 hours away from the Big Apple in the Saigon Limo and that we know the most amazing fucking people there. After pulling our crazy all-nighter we were out of this joint at 8.30 am. We took our neighbour Michelle with us, stylist/Saigon Girl Phelena Jean and her OGG Dad Nappa (Original Gangster, Gentleman/Grandfather, he thinks he's not a Stallion but little does he KNOW PAPA!!!), as well as Miss Saigon and myself of course.

When we got to New York we met up with our model Silq and Saigon Photographer Marlon...
Awww.... After making magic happen with a lil shoot on the riverfront we headed to the Shaolin Temple on Broadway where we met up with astonishing Shifu Shi Yan Ming, a Shaolin Master.
This guy is amazing, when we walked in there's magazine covers with this guy on the front of them everywhere (including a shared one with the RZA) and more flicks of him with celebrities like Shirley Manson, John Leguizamo and Bjork, many of whom come to Shi Yan for the best Shaolin training in America! Shi Yan's been in ads for Nike, IBM, HP, Hallmark and is the face of Chase Manhattan Bank. WOW! That's why we were so stoked to present him with his own pair of dragon-themed Saigon Customs which he additionally modelled the hell out of.

I feel bad even saying "hell" when talking about Shi Yan since the temple came with a whole lot of rules that we had to abide by which includes no profanities (I think we failed a couple of times on that one - sorry Shifu) Although I felt eerily comfortable with them all, maybe because it kind of sounded like I could have written them.

Anyways, after feeling all stoked and pleased with ourselves because of the great shoot at the temple, we bailed to get our so ho on in SoHo. Then we met a man with a cat on his head.

And this douchebag took a picture of my cleavage when I was leaning over.


So I haven't posted the money shots yet as we're still finishing them but I will post them when they're done. I just want to say that we are SO appreciative to have such an incredible crew come together and work so well for us and it showed in the flow of the day (even with Miss Saigon calling Cedra "the Gestapo" for keeping us all on point and organised hahahahaa.....) Here's a whole lot of candids so y'all can feel what an amazing day it was...

Taking M.A.F.I.A.'s Pandas for a walk...

Phelena Jean getting her stylist on...

^^ da OGG Nappa!!!

^^ This is modelling!!!

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Marlon Lawe x Saigon Customs

= <3

(you can't see me but I've got hearts flying out of my eyes right now)

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Bobby Hill + Saigon Customs at UBIQ

Wow, how good is it not only to be in an exhibition but to be sharing the place with somebody dope who's just as happy to reflect some shine onto you and your few little shelves of shoes in his amazing exhibition?
Meet succesful New York graffiti/pop artist Bobby Hill who opened his solo show yesterday at Ubiq here in Philly. Bobby is a Brooklyn-based street artist who creates a "fantastic blend of Warholian pop imagery" that's been heavily influenced by his graffiti background in the 1980's (COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE BETTER PEDIGREE? COULD YOU?!?!). He's also done a lot of commercial work for big clients.  The show was great. We loved it! We were given a couple of shelves in the same room as his Bobbyness where we did a similar display to the one at the ISB (I never want to see another popup again, okay, I quit.) Here are some flicks of some lovers and just a hater or two (but we heart you).

7:29 AM


... to ride Kaws

...to marry the first guy I meet wearing these...

... To know if these will go the same way as the Dunkle?

... to go see the Takashi Murakami and the LiveStrong STAGES exhibitions in Paris... And I will, bitches!

... to know how many other people would feel weird rocking these odd-coloured kicks, even if they are kind of ugly-awesome?
... to know if that's really baby pink in the fill?

Most flicks via Sneaker Freaker

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Night Owl/The Vine

One of the most important things I've learned during my time here at Saigon Customs is that trying to work during the day is a waste of fucking time. Ask me two months ago and I would've told you I was the world's biggest early bird, up at the crack of sparrow fart without hesitation and ready to start the day. Now I see the error of my ways: I love my life here - sleep til 11, get up, enjoy the day, eat dinner and then buckle down at about 9 o'clock (with a beer, no less!) to power through until 3-4 and get a shitload done with NO INTERRUPTIONS.

This also means that we are on top of it the second anything comes through from Australia, with a gnarly 14 hour time difference putting all of our arses on our work chairs at the same time. Thanks again to DJ M.A.F.I.A.  who has been responsible for showing us a truckload of love over the past couple of weeks (I'm watching your kicks being made right now!). Once again she karm0-loads by giving us a very tidy feature on The Vine, one of the soundest blogs in Australia right now (how could it not be, with the Muff Daddy as official streetwear editor?) We like it, we like it!!

PS @ Mafia I heart you too! and it's okay about the "no shine" it's all Miss Saigon's, I am just the lowly First Apprentice and I burn too easy anyhow haha

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Be the bigger person

So, what happens when you think you are a not jealous person but then you find out that peroxitard little moles are facestalking your ex and you simply can't stand the thought of them getting their manky paws on him? Today I've designed a whole lot of exercises to help all of you budding young Saigon Girls to conquer the GREEN EYED MONSTER, the least attractive attribute when your whole swag is supposed to be about self-confidence and grace.1. No cliches.
Such as comfort eating or watching chick flicks in your pyjamas with your girls on standby with the Kleenex. No! Fuck that! Are you a Saigon Girl or do you need it beat back into you? Last girl that tried tricks like that around here I personally put into a shipping container and sent to Egypt. Once she's found her way back from the desert, let's see how valuable she thinks feeling sorry for herself is.

2. Attach a breathalyser to your keyboard

Not getting onto Facebook drunk at 3am sounds so simple and yet it remains elusively difficult. This is possibly the most important step in not saying something that you will regret. That's why, as a Saigon Girl, you must attach your keyboard to a breathalyzer. My model of choice, why the Alcohawk Pro of course. Anything less would probably implode from the fumes of any of us Saigon Girls returning from the Sundae Party.

3. Hurts so good
I'm not talking self harm here like, locked in my bedroom listening to My Chemical Romance emo shit. No, I mean a good old fashioned, character-building beating, delivered by your mentor of choice. Personally I never feel so upstanding and righteous as when the welts on my back are freshly raised, what about you?

4. Take up martial arts
Here at Saigon Customs we are up doing heron poses at 4am followed by ninja drills running to and from the top of the hill to get our daily supply of water. The Stallions help us out with surprise ambushes, bless them, to make sure that our combat skills are always on point. The feeling of knowing that you could push any random moll's face back into her brain is actually reassuring. So much so, I'm more likely to refrain from any acts of jealous violence altogether. We are all about love, love, love here at SC. I swear it. Love. (But you can always put her face onto a punching bag, remember).

5. Take your other Stallions for a run
Let your Stallions take you to a movie, listen to you talk, give you massages, make you laugh, whatever. This is what Stallions do best. Not only does this distract you from whatever "He" might be doing, but it allows you to keep your entire Stable fit and healthy. Happy Stallions are healthy Stallions!

6. Get a life

7. Go to Paris (see above)

^^^8 days left til Paris, bitches.

4:05 AM


Hello and a big WELCOME to our newest addition to the Saigon Stable, CHRIS P. Chris is practically the face of the Sundae party and likes dancing, rollerskating, DJiing and Miss Saigon (naturally). Here we interview him and find out that he does kiss on the first date, ooh la la...

Hey Chris, how are you?
I'm fantastic. Peachy.

So, you are a computer programmer Stallion, what's the sexiest thing you can do with your machine?
Hmmm....Well, with my machine over the internet I can vibrate your machine?

Oh I can rock my machine on my own, but thanks anyway. What's your idea of a great date with a Saigon Girl?
A great date with a Saigon Girl would involve a nice dinner, a fantastic night of dancing followed by some very sweet kisses

So you kiss on the first date?
Is that alright? Do Saigon Girls kiss on the first date?

Yeah. Actually they do that a lot. Sometimes when they're not even on a date. So, do you have any nicknames?
Way back when, some of my friends used to call me Clarence 'cos i had a shirt with the name "Clarence" embroidered on it. And some people call me "Star" because when I DJ I'm Star Child.

So you're also a DJ. Now we have music/entertainment. That's good to know.
Yeah. So when I skate and dance and stuff some people call me Star.

So you skate and DJ at the same time?
I have been asked to do that.

Maybe we'll give you your first dancing DJ gig.
Great. I'm also huge in Japan.

We can see that. Can you handle more than one handler?
Oh definitely. I can handle a few handlers. I've got plenty of stamina, but years of training.

Oh no, it has nothing to do with stamina. Sometimes it's just ego crushing animal handling. Sometimes we're just handling you 'cos you're an animal, a Stallion.
I need to be tamed.

Okay, you have to be tamed if you are to be part of the Saigon Customs Stable. As a Stallion, we have to make sure that you will feel comfortable and at home in the Stable, and that you will be compatible with the other Stallions. Tell me your pet hate, and what you do that you know annoys/turns others off most.
Something that I hate: one of my pet peeves is people who are very impatient. I used to be impatient but I've learned to become patient. Patience is a learned attribute. In terms of the other stallions what would piss them off is that I'm really well hung and I like to walk around in my underwear a lot. That would not go over well with the other stallions for sure.

Hmmm, refreshing answer. No seahorse stable for you then. So if we meet a tattoo artist Stallion, will you be willing to get I Heart SC forever tattooed on part of your body? We are in a branding phase you know. 
Yes. I've got my right butt cheek reserved.

We better find it that way! Will you need a Saigon Girl to hold your hand while you're getting branded?
That would be nice.

Last but not least, where did you get that pretty smile?
Well, this pretty smile comes from YEARS of practise. I smile at lovely ladies such as yourself every chance I get! Ha ha ha...

We'd like to thank Chris for fulfilling his Stallion duties and bringing us icecream. Also did I mention he's the genius who got the comments function on our blog working again...? Thanks again Chris!

12:06 AM


to the IT Stallion (proper feature to be posted tomorrow) who made it SO WE NOW CAN LEAVE COMMENTS!!! YEAH!

12:01 PM

We're still assessing Stallions...

Look out for our two new Stallions Chris and Thang Nguyen in the coming weeks , but in the meantime you can apply for membership to the Saigon Stable with this form, after reading the Stallion rules here

Stallion Application Form: (please copy, paste and return to us at saigoncustoms@gmail.com)

1. Over the course of a normal first date, how often do you mention your mother? Did she beat you or did she do everything for you? Do you find photos of her in her younger days strangely arousing?

2. How often do you watch porn per week? To answer, please multiply the number of times you watched porn last week by 4 then divide by 28 and round off to the closest whole number to give us a daily average.

3. Were you able to complete the above equation? Please circle one.

YES---------------------NO-------------WHAT'S AN "EQUATION"?

4.Dunlop Volleys + little shorts
a) Oh ya, I love that silhouette sister! *effeminate high five*
b) Um, it makes girls wet...................right?
c) I'd wear them if my arse wasn't so fat
4) Miss Saigon, I've been sitting by the phone for three days waiting for you to call.

5.True or False? Glasses with thick black frames make you look like a totally rad and individual person. Please circle one:

F ------------------ F

6. Megan Fox is

a) smart and beautiful
b) beautiful
c) dumb and beautiful
d) dumb
e) the equivalent of having herpes on my eyeballs, compared to a Saigon Girl

7. In 200 words or less, what can you uniquely bring to the Saigon Stable?

8. Can you respond calmly and gracefully when you are beaten at Scrabble?

Please include a head shot with your application, as well as photos of any private jets, country houses, sneaker collections or other amazing assets you might have. Mixtapes also welcome.

SC Croo!


1:48 AM

We <3 the sneaker bible

And the rad job DJ M.A.F.I.A. did on our SNKR FRKR interview (vote for her here)

After that, read all about how fucking amazoid we are on the SNKR FRKR website here

5:57 PM

It pays to be First Apprentice

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! Look what Miss Saigon gave me for my birthday -


READ IT AND WEEP BITCHES!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. These were by FAR the biggest attention grabbers at the ISB and now they are going to be on my feets!!!! I love, love, love these kicks!!! ARRRRRR!!!
And look what else the thoughtful and honorable Miss Saigon gave me - a First Apprentice journal with a sticker of a homocidal smurf. Awwww. She knows me so well.

4:38 PM

Stay humble

You know, I truly do live the Saigon Way. All you Saigon wannabes need to check the shit of THIS First Apprentice if you want to see how it's done.

Regard as I post a link to an incredibly fug photo of myself and STILL tell y'all to go check it out.

Et voila. I make it look so easy but it takes weeks of practice and humiliation to get this humble. But Female Sneaker Fiends did say nice things about us and FSF is the exactly how I found Miss Saigon a whole year ago. So I humbly pay my respects... *bows*