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Hello and a big WELCOME to our newest addition to the Saigon Stable, CHRIS P. Chris is practically the face of the Sundae party and likes dancing, rollerskating, DJiing and Miss Saigon (naturally). Here we interview him and find out that he does kiss on the first date, ooh la la...

Hey Chris, how are you?
I'm fantastic. Peachy.

So, you are a computer programmer Stallion, what's the sexiest thing you can do with your machine?
Hmmm....Well, with my machine over the internet I can vibrate your machine?

Oh I can rock my machine on my own, but thanks anyway. What's your idea of a great date with a Saigon Girl?
A great date with a Saigon Girl would involve a nice dinner, a fantastic night of dancing followed by some very sweet kisses

So you kiss on the first date?
Is that alright? Do Saigon Girls kiss on the first date?

Yeah. Actually they do that a lot. Sometimes when they're not even on a date. So, do you have any nicknames?
Way back when, some of my friends used to call me Clarence 'cos i had a shirt with the name "Clarence" embroidered on it. And some people call me "Star" because when I DJ I'm Star Child.

So you're also a DJ. Now we have music/entertainment. That's good to know.
Yeah. So when I skate and dance and stuff some people call me Star.

So you skate and DJ at the same time?
I have been asked to do that.

Maybe we'll give you your first dancing DJ gig.
Great. I'm also huge in Japan.

We can see that. Can you handle more than one handler?
Oh definitely. I can handle a few handlers. I've got plenty of stamina, but years of training.

Oh no, it has nothing to do with stamina. Sometimes it's just ego crushing animal handling. Sometimes we're just handling you 'cos you're an animal, a Stallion.
I need to be tamed.

Okay, you have to be tamed if you are to be part of the Saigon Customs Stable. As a Stallion, we have to make sure that you will feel comfortable and at home in the Stable, and that you will be compatible with the other Stallions. Tell me your pet hate, and what you do that you know annoys/turns others off most.
Something that I hate: one of my pet peeves is people who are very impatient. I used to be impatient but I've learned to become patient. Patience is a learned attribute. In terms of the other stallions what would piss them off is that I'm really well hung and I like to walk around in my underwear a lot. That would not go over well with the other stallions for sure.

Hmmm, refreshing answer. No seahorse stable for you then. So if we meet a tattoo artist Stallion, will you be willing to get I Heart SC forever tattooed on part of your body? We are in a branding phase you know. 
Yes. I've got my right butt cheek reserved.

We better find it that way! Will you need a Saigon Girl to hold your hand while you're getting branded?
That would be nice.

Last but not least, where did you get that pretty smile?
Well, this pretty smile comes from YEARS of practise. I smile at lovely ladies such as yourself every chance I get! Ha ha ha...

We'd like to thank Chris for fulfilling his Stallion duties and bringing us icecream. Also did I mention he's the genius who got the comments function on our blog working again...? Thanks again Chris!