1:09 AM

Night Owl/The Vine

One of the most important things I've learned during my time here at Saigon Customs is that trying to work during the day is a waste of fucking time. Ask me two months ago and I would've told you I was the world's biggest early bird, up at the crack of sparrow fart without hesitation and ready to start the day. Now I see the error of my ways: I love my life here - sleep til 11, get up, enjoy the day, eat dinner and then buckle down at about 9 o'clock (with a beer, no less!) to power through until 3-4 and get a shitload done with NO INTERRUPTIONS.

This also means that we are on top of it the second anything comes through from Australia, with a gnarly 14 hour time difference putting all of our arses on our work chairs at the same time. Thanks again to DJ M.A.F.I.A.  who has been responsible for showing us a truckload of love over the past couple of weeks (I'm watching your kicks being made right now!). Once again she karm0-loads by giving us a very tidy feature on The Vine, one of the soundest blogs in Australia right now (how could it not be, with the Muff Daddy as official streetwear editor?) We like it, we like it!!

PS @ Mafia I heart you too! and it's okay about the "no shine" it's all Miss Saigon's, I am just the lowly First Apprentice and I burn too easy anyhow haha