12:15 PM

Bobby Hill + Saigon Customs at UBIQ

Wow, how good is it not only to be in an exhibition but to be sharing the place with somebody dope who's just as happy to reflect some shine onto you and your few little shelves of shoes in his amazing exhibition?
Meet succesful New York graffiti/pop artist Bobby Hill who opened his solo show yesterday at Ubiq here in Philly. Bobby is a Brooklyn-based street artist who creates a "fantastic blend of Warholian pop imagery" that's been heavily influenced by his graffiti background in the 1980's (COULD YOU POSSIBLY HAVE BETTER PEDIGREE? COULD YOU?!?!). He's also done a lot of commercial work for big clients.  The show was great. We loved it! We were given a couple of shelves in the same room as his Bobbyness where we did a similar display to the one at the ISB (I never want to see another popup again, okay, I quit.) Here are some flicks of some lovers and just a hater or two (but we heart you).