5:53 PM

SC goes to NY

You know, it's still a huge deal for me to be all like "Oh yeah, I'm going to New York for a photoshoot in the morning" - seriously! I hope I never get all jaded and spoiled by my amazing life here and stop appreciating the fact that I am 1.5 hours away from the Big Apple in the Saigon Limo and that we know the most amazing fucking people there. After pulling our crazy all-nighter we were out of this joint at 8.30 am. We took our neighbour Michelle with us, stylist/Saigon Girl Phelena Jean and her OGG Dad Nappa (Original Gangster, Gentleman/Grandfather, he thinks he's not a Stallion but little does he KNOW PAPA!!!), as well as Miss Saigon and myself of course.

When we got to New York we met up with our model Silq and Saigon Photographer Marlon...
Awww.... After making magic happen with a lil shoot on the riverfront we headed to the Shaolin Temple on Broadway where we met up with astonishing Shifu Shi Yan Ming, a Shaolin Master.
This guy is amazing, when we walked in there's magazine covers with this guy on the front of them everywhere (including a shared one with the RZA) and more flicks of him with celebrities like Shirley Manson, John Leguizamo and Bjork, many of whom come to Shi Yan for the best Shaolin training in America! Shi Yan's been in ads for Nike, IBM, HP, Hallmark and is the face of Chase Manhattan Bank. WOW! That's why we were so stoked to present him with his own pair of dragon-themed Saigon Customs which he additionally modelled the hell out of.

I feel bad even saying "hell" when talking about Shi Yan since the temple came with a whole lot of rules that we had to abide by which includes no profanities (I think we failed a couple of times on that one - sorry Shifu) Although I felt eerily comfortable with them all, maybe because it kind of sounded like I could have written them.

Anyways, after feeling all stoked and pleased with ourselves because of the great shoot at the temple, we bailed to get our so ho on in SoHo. Then we met a man with a cat on his head.

And this douchebag took a picture of my cleavage when I was leaning over.


So I haven't posted the money shots yet as we're still finishing them but I will post them when they're done. I just want to say that we are SO appreciative to have such an incredible crew come together and work so well for us and it showed in the flow of the day (even with Miss Saigon calling Cedra "the Gestapo" for keeping us all on point and organised hahahahaa.....) Here's a whole lot of candids so y'all can feel what an amazing day it was...

Taking M.A.F.I.A.'s Pandas for a walk...

Phelena Jean getting her stylist on...

^^ da OGG Nappa!!!

^^ This is modelling!!!