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S.C girls application.To be cpy & paste, sent back to saigoncustoms@gmail.com

Ladies please be honest, be as detailed as possible, take it light!

Do you have a boyfriend, and if so would he mind you handling our Stallions?

Can you play any of the following games?:

a) Scrabble.

Your definition of "Stallion" is:

a) A dummy.
b) A strong beautiful male, there to pamper you ;o)?
c) A horse.

Can you handle being well treated and served by the Stallions, without getting big headed?

Your idea of hotness in a guy is:

a) His sense of humor.
b)His charisma.
c)His wallet.
d)His phallus.
e)All of the above.
F)None of the above

When surrounded by strong, beautiful, fierce, sisters you:

a)Stay by yourself and wish you were home so you could suck on your thumb?
b)Start acting crazy, trying to grab the most attention?
C)Look around, start counting others' physical flaws, forgetting your own?
d)Silently congratulate yourself for being part of such fly ass crew of hot chicks?

Why would be a good addition to the S.C crew?

a) You're superficial& vain?
b)You would smack someone silly for being superficial & vain?
c) you ROCK , you know it, & we need you to REP S.C the right way.
d) dunno.

What special skills would you be bringing to this crew? And what ambitions do you have with these skills?

Name three qualities about yourself that could make you indispensable to the S.C crew.


Please sign, and return to saigoncustoms@gmail.com