10:12 AM


YEAHHHHHH! Saigon Customs is back in effect.... I, Miss Saigon, have just return from my hometown of Paris!!!!! ... Yet I am deeply saddened to announce to you guys the impromptu departure of my most beloved first apprentice, Miss Erika.
Erika left us to go back to Tassie, to be closer to family members, elders she wanted to enjoy some moments with before it may be too late... And for that we support her!!!!! Also we want ot give her big shout out for contributing to this blog and makin' it awesomely entertaining... FIRST APPRENTICE, you will be missed.

Now... How was Paris?... There are no words awesome enough to describe how it felt to come home after so long.

However I can tell you all about the Stallions hunting experience in the land of Baguettes and croissant... What an adventure!...

But first things first... We have been auditioning Stallions left and right, and so far the stable is growing fast and steady... So... Now it's time to get our our Saigon Girls Crew up to part...
So we will have the same process as the guys to apply to become a Saigon Girl... You Gals should copy and paste the application you will find below, and e-mail it to us. Upon acceptance, you will be required to sit down and have a fun interview for us to post on the blog, as well as some picts.

To apply , one must: be an excellent rider, of course, Stallions need to be handled by experienced riders!... You must possess a skill at which you excel, must be down to earth and deal with life in light hearted way... You must be able to put aside your ego and attitudes which may not be conducive to the crew... You must be energetic, fun, confident and self assured. Stallions can be a handful at times, and we are seeking girls that will stay gracious no matter what the pressure! ;o)

Please see the application following this post, have fun with it... And hope to see you in our inbox soon!