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Don't be scared, be prepared for the first.

Welcome to post number #1 from the Saigon Customs blog. My name's Erika, I'm the intern, I'm about to reveal a little bit about "The Secret Life of Miss Saigon"

Right now, we're readying ourselves for the second International Sneaker Battle, although we can't talk much about that because there are little eye-spies everywhere. We have to keep it even more on lock since SC won Best Custom Themed Sneaker last year, and I doubt their other egos could survive being burned twice by a bunch of little girls.

It's like that, uh, and that's the way it is...

We just moved into a new, 1400 sq.foot studio with lots of natural light that's going to bring out our artistic best. And since we ladies are taught to always have our best assets on display, here they are:

We set it up yesterday. It looks dope now, I can't even imagine how good it's going to look two months from now.

This is Amy. She's all like, man-lady looking but I can already tell she's got our backs. She's like the principal of your old high school or the judge at your DUI appearance: you just wouldn't fuck with her.

My new desk, at the front here. Found by the roadside for "free-ninety-nine"! I trash the environment enough with my overconsumption of sneaks that I like that at least some of my stuff is freecycled.

To unwind, there are a couple of things you can do around here, including getting your arse whooped by Miss Saigon at Scrabble. It's even more embarassing considering her first friggin' language is French. Anyways, RAY FAG EYE, I'd like to see which of YOU geniuses would've picked up on that combo.

More to come.


illelement said...

check pogo.com, scrabble. i play it too often...